INTRIGUE™ Hotels & Resorts by Interstate Announces Partnership with FitnessOnDemand™ to Add in-room Fitness Programs to Hotel Offerings

(DALLAS, TX – June 10, 2019) INTRIGUE™ Hotels & Resorts, the lifestyle division of Interstate Hotels & Resorts, today announced a partnership with FitnessOnDemand™ to add in-room virtual fitness, health, and wellness programs to select guest rooms across its portfolio of hotels via a unique digital delivery system.

The new partnership will allow hotel guests to stay on track with their fitness regiments by using an in-room touch-screen kiosk. The screens offer an array of digital workouts led by a variety of well-known instructors. The digital workouts include several HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) options to challenge the most advanced fitness enthusiasts, while other programs will cater to beginner and intermediate fitness levels.

“Most modern travelers in the lifestyle segment look for a wide range of experiences, which include  unique fitness programs,” said Brian Sparacino, Managing Director of INTRIGUE. “By aligning ourselves with a cutting-edge product that can dial up fitness routines to ‘grueling,’ or down to ‘novice’ speeds, we now have the ability to deliver an innovative, custom fitness experience within our guest rooms.”

The FitnessOnDemand program will debut at CANVAS Hotel Dallas, the newest hotel property in the INTRIGUE portfolio. Located in the vibrant Cedars district of South Dallas, CANVAS embodies INTRIGUE Hotels & Resorts’ core identities, and is an art-centric home base for modern trendsetters and an inspirational hub for creative artisans.

The INTRIGUE FitnessOnDemand program will debut in the new CANVAS Fitness Suite, a converted King Suite that is approximately 476 sq. ft., appointed with a new touch-screen kiosk and light workout equipment such as kettlebells, jump ropes, resistance bands, foam rollers, a stability ball and fitness mats (although the digital workouts do not require equipment). The suite will feature HIIT digital workouts that focus on three, core fitness training areas: cardio, strength, and mobility with suggested workouts like GRID1RON: American Football Style HIIT from SH1FT, a workout regiment the New York Times described as “grueling, but invigorating”.

“For almost a decade, FitnessOnDemand has pioneered technology to make fitness more accessible to hotel guests through programs and services designed to optimize space, streamline equipment needs, and offer an unparalleled variety of premium, curated content for fitness enthusiasts of all levels,” said Andrew Evenson, Senior Director, Operations and Brand Strategy, FitnessOnDemand. “Our technology and programs help hotel operators enrich the experience of guests during their stay and encourage healthy living even when people are away from home.This partnership with INTRIGUE will allow travelers at premier lifestyle hotels to experience a unique workout experience right in their hotel guest room and perhaps even try new fitness activities.”


About INTRIGUE™ Hotels & Resorts by Interstate

INTRIGUE Hotels & Resorts is a modern, lifestyle management division by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the leading U.S.-based global hotel management company. INTRIGUE Hotels & Resorts by Interstate brings a modern, tech-centric, lifestyle-focused management psyche to a variety of independent and soft-branded properties including urban boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, spa retreats and international properties. INTRIGUE Hotels & Resorts delivers innovative culture, style and technology of next generation lodging and experiential services to fulfill the curiosities of the modern traveler. Immediately upon its introduction, INTRIGUE Hotels & Resorts draws from Interstate’s decades of experience operating independent and soft-branded properties across the country and around the world.  For more information visit


About FitnessOnDemand™

FitnessOnDemand is a global leader in the collection, curation and provision of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. The company is the only provider of Omnichannel content in the fitness industry, meaning guests can experience branded content via mobile app, on-site fitness facilities, smart device or in-room installation. This Omnichannel model allows hotels to build brand loyalty among guests, keeping them engaged wherever they may be. FitnessOnDemand is a leading provider of digital fitness to many industries including health clubs, premium residential and business property developers and leading, luxury hotel chains. Content creators include Jillian Michaels, SH1FT, Zumba & Strong by Zumba and many more.