Authentic Experiences. Intriguing Results.

By delivering innovative culture, in-style creative, and inspired guest experiences, INTRIGUE is creating the new generation of hotels. Born from 58 years of experience from Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the leading third-party hotel management company in the world, INTRIGUE brings a modern, lifestyle-focused management psyche to a variety of independent and soft-branded properties including urban boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, spa retreats, and international resorts.

INTRIGUE works in symmetry with Interstate to contribute contemporary and trend-setting food & beverage, nightlife, and creative brand touchpoints that appeal to the modern traveler with an overall hotel experience that is founded in Food, Beverage, Music, Fitness, and Fun.

Our 5 service channels of Food, Beverage, Music, Fitness, and Fun.
Upscale, yet industrial decor.

Culinary Creativity

Between INTRIGUE and Interstate hotel properties there are more than 110 full service restaurants, bars and lounges. Dedicated to providing the ultimate guest experience in modern hotel F&B offerings, INTRIGUE has a roster of renowned celebrated chefs, mixologists, and nightlife figures to consultant, or engage in partnerships, to develop specific concepts for the appropriate project. With insightful research and analysis from our in-house team of analysts to ensure best profit margins, to training tools to enhance the quality and creativity of our hotels’ F&B teams, INTRIGUE is committed to the development of unique, authentic and successful F&B programs appropriate for each hotel’s size and business goals.



Hand holding a cocktail in front of a wall mounted sculpture of lips.

Bespoke Beverage

The hotel bar has evolved, and today’s guests have come to expect a destination lounge and nightlife experience in their hotel. INTRIGUE’s curated beverage program is specifically designed to elevate the bar and lounge experience and to foster a creative, conceptual beverage program derived from organic mixtures and memorial self expressions.

Elements of the program include Cocktail Chemistry, where mixtures as basic as tonic water are made from scratch and on display for customers to experience; Cocktail Botany, with infused cocktail menus derived from ingredients harvested on property from visible herb gardens; and Mood Cocktails, in which there is a section of the menu that is curated to aligning cocktails with the guests’ particular moods. These, and other elements, help propel the INTRIGUE beverage program to innovate and inspire.




A man holds a vinyl record in front of his face.

Music Program

Music is powerful. It can change our mood, it can create memories, and it is intrinsic to our culture. Infusing the hotel experience with the power of music yields a guest journey that is unique, compelling, and unforgettable. The INTRIGUE music platform is a curated and thoughtful program that feels organic and spontaneous. It touches the guests from the moment they enter until they depart, and it creates a pulse, a heartbeat, and a hub of energy and excitement throughout the property. Elements of the program include a curated public music program that plays the right song, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right volume, unique music-centric touchpoints for the guest to see or do during their stay, and on-going special events, promotions and live-music performances that are intriguing and brand-relevant.




A woman lifts a kettlebell during her workout.

Inspiring Health & Wellness

Calories don’t take a vacation, so whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, INTRIGUE has developed a comprehensive health and wellness protocol to help our guest stay on their fitness routines. INTRIGUE properties offer access to world-class fitness facilities, on-going schedules of unique fitness classes and activities, and even in-room virtual fitness, health, and wellness programs in select guest rooms via a unique digital delivery system. The in-room touch-screen kiosk offers an array of digital workouts led by a variety of well-known instructors. The digital workouts include several HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) options to challenge the most advanced fitness enthusiasts, while other programs will cater to beginner and intermediate fitness levels.




A painting of Abraham Lincoln wearing a Dallas basketball jersey.

Art & Culture

Connecting with the local community by embracing each city’s respective art scene and local culture, INTRIGUE strives to deliver an authentic guest experience. From lobby installations, art walks, and formal partnerships with local galleries, INTRIGUE provides every guest the opportunity to live like a local.

And what is local culture without embracing the local cuisine. Our INTRIGUE menus are curated to highlight local specialties, feature products from regional purveyors, and highlight local breweries, distilleries, and wineries.